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        Twenty new construction projects threaten Tel Aviv-area beaches, SPNI warns

        Fecha:Sep 24,2012

        Some 20 different construction projects are threatening the remaining beaches in the Tel Aviv area, according to a new study published by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

        The projects range from infrastructure through new neighborhoods to tourist attractions. But all could directly damage the beaches and decrease public accessibility, SPNI said.

        Tal Silberstein, who authored the report, examined various projects and plans that could affect the Herzliya, Tel Aviv and Bat Yam beaches. In light of his findings, SPNI is demanding that the plans be changed to decrease damage to the beaches, and is promoting a plan to declare parts of the Jaffa beach a nature reserve.

        One of the projects in question, now being discussed by the Tel Aviv District Planning Committee, is a request by the oil exploration company Adira Energy to construct a drilling platform some 20 kilometers off the Herzliya beach. SPNI said this could cause severe damage or pollution, and submitted several documents to the committee to support its position.

        Other plans that could be hazardous to the sea and beaches are a plan to construct a pipeline carrying natural gas from the Reading power plant to Rosh Ha'ayin and a plan to use a water pipeline at the power plant to receive mazut, a heavy fuel oil. SPNI said the environmental hazards inherent in these plans necessitate extremely careful planning procedures.

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