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        Green is the word in new home construction

        Fecha:Sep 29,2012

        We’ve all seen them: sleekly modern houses with stark angles looking like spacecraft, or cone-shaped residences built into the earth, both touting their energy-saving qualities.

        Labeled green or eco-friendly, these quirky homes have captured our imagination but not our wallets. Too often these houses have carried a cost in the millions of dollars and, despite our growing concern for the environment, we can’t bring ourselves to invest in one.

        Yet, hold on. Energy-efficient, environmentally responsive houses that are affordable — and attractive — do exist.

        From boutique specialists to larger-production homebuilders, construction of green homes has become a priority.

        “Green is the megatrend,” says Steve Saunders, CEO of Tex Energy Solutions in Irving, a provider of energy-efficiency audits and Energy Star services. “People underestimate the impact it will have on their lives.”

        Effective Jan. 1, Texas adopted the 2009 International Residential Code for single-family homes, increasing energy-efficiency standards. Part of the International Energy Conservation Code, the policy designates requirements for new-home construction and remodels of existing buildings.

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