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        i-ceilings Sound Systems

        Fecha:Mar 2,2011

        i-ceilings® sound systems from Armstrong integrate the latest music, paging and sound masking technology into 2' x 2' acoustical ceiling panels.

        Key Selection Attributes 

        • Superior aesthetics - Speakers blend "invisibly" into the ceiling
        • Multiple applications - Music, paging and masking delivered through one set of "in-ceiling" speakers
        • Reliable performance - Quality sound with uniform distribution and broader coverage than conventional cone speakers - so less units may be needed for a given space
        • Flexibility and value - Fast and easy "drop-in" installation (no holes to cut) - with all-in-one speaker assemblies
        • Flat design - Helps reduce conflicts in shallow or crowded plenums
        • Improved gain before feedback due to Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology from NXT (see APP. NOTE)
        • Built-in 25V option for schools
        • Excellent response with Talkback Systems

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