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        Mineral Fiber Board

        Fecha:Mar 22,2011
        main dimensions: 300x600 600x600mm 600x1200mm thickness is 10, 12, 15, 18mm Characteristics of mineral fiber decorative acoustic board: 1. Fire sesistance : being made from superfine slag fiber, the product has low contents of organic matter. It is the only one among similar products certified with incombustibility class S standard and monitored by the National Quality Assurance Center for Fixed Extionguisher System and Firepfoof Component. 2. Decoration: with hundreds of specifications, dozens of patterns as well as multiple suspension modes. 3. Sound absorption: being composed of superfine granular mineral fober, the product has rich permeating micropores, it can effectively absorb sound wave, reduce reflected sound, thus improving quality of sound indoors and lowering noise. 4. Thermal insulation: HOPESTAR mineral fiber decorative acoustic board outperforms out performs other materials resistance value and thermal insulation capaclty.

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