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        Mineral Wool Insulation Products

        Fecha:Jul 14,2011

        Insulation/Acoustical Products Manufactured: Thermafiber is one of the largest manufacturers of mineral wool in the Americas, servicing the insulation industry since 1934. Our products are used in high temperature, fire protection, energy conservation, and sound control applications. Many of our commercial building products are listed with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) and Intertek (formerly OPL).

        Commercial Insulation Products: Thermafiber plays an important role in fire protection, life safety, and sustainable building in commercial construction. Our products provide the highest available recycle content of any commercial insulation with a minimum post-industrial recycled content of 70% and a maximum of 90%.

        • FIRESPAN® 90 & 40 - Curtain wall spandrel insulation for thermal and fire protection in listed UL and Intertek perimeter fire containment designs.
        • Impasse® - UL approved, patented, curtain wall insulation hanger system. Provides superior fire protection and labor savings over traditional installation for perimeter fire containment. Systems provide 2- and 3-hour fire containment.
        • RainBarrier™ 30 & 45 - Rain screen and cavity wall insulation designed to repel and drain water while providing non-combustible thermal insulation.
        • Safing™ Insulation - Fire stopping material for perimeter fire containment systems, through-penetrations, and construction joint applications.
        • TopStop® - Head-of-wall insulation. Shaped to fit trapezoidal flutes typical of metal or concrete decking.
        • SAFB™ (Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets) - Sound/fire/thermal performance for walls, ceilings and floors.
        • FS-15 & FS-25 Blankets - Fire/thermal performance in exterior walls, ceilings and floors
        • PrivacyGuard® - Mineral fiber board used for sound absorption, tack boards, and wall panels.
        • SoundZero® - Acoustical and visual barrier for walls, ceilings, or any other interior areas where acoustical treatment requiring a black surface is needed

        Industrial Insulation Products:

          Industrial Felts and Blankets - For thermal applications up to 1,350° F.
        • Metal Mesh Blankets - Flexible blankets with wire mesh covering used to fit curved surfaces and irregular shapes in applications up to 1200° F.
        • FRF Insulation - Filler Reinforcement Fibers with properties to enhance many finished products.
        • Maritime Insulation - US Coast Guard approved felts.
        • Granulated, Spray and Packing Bulk Wool - For condensation control, thermal, acoustical performance.
        • K-FAC® 19 - For high temperature applications up to 1900° F, typically used behind refractory insulation.
        • K-FAC®SR - Semi-refractory mineral fiber board for thermal applications up to 1900° F.
        • ThermaTex® 1800 - Mineral fiber needled blanket for thermal and acoustical performance to 1800° F.

        Residential Insulation Products:

          SAFB™ (Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets) - Sound/fire/thermal performance for walls, ceilings and floors.
        • FS-15 and FS-25 - Fire/thermal performance in exterior walls, ceilings and floors.

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