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        Construction junkies overjoyed

        Fecha:Oct 9,2012

        Call it construction voyeurism.

        More than 90 engineers, machine operators and tradespeople starred in a non-stop, real-time action flick this holiday weekend at the intersection of train tracks and King Road.

        Two different webcams, broadcasting as much supersized lifting, digging and dumping as you could handle. Every day. Twenty-four hours a day.

        “You could even watch it in the middle of the night, if you wanted to. I met a few people who said they did,” said Councillor Rick Craven, who also visited the $25-million Burlington project site during the Thanksgiving weekend.

        “There were dozens of people watching right at the site, and seven or eight of them told me they watched online, too … It appears to have been a hit.”

        Burlington and other project partners paid $12,000 to Multivista, a “construction documentation company,” to provide unblinking eyes in the sky in part because of the “unique” nature of the weekend whirlwind of construction.

        The city and CN are partnering to build an underpass for the busy King Road rail crossing, a project that also requires sewer and water work and the rerouting of a creek.

        But workers were forced to labour around the clock this weekend, Craven said, to install the 2,400-tonne concrete rail underpass before GO and VIA train traffic restarted Tuesday.

        Construction geeks were likely in heaven: the city believes this is the heaviest structure ever moved with the aid of hydraulic jacks in Canada.

        It’s hard to say exactly how many people actually tuned in to watch the big moment — or any moment — since statistics from Multivista weren’t available on holiday Monday.

        But the city web page containing the link to the webcam got 5,000 visitors over the weekend, and Craven said when he dropped by in person, several residents were watching from special bleachers installed near the site.

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