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        Installation, Transportation and Storage

        Fecha:Jul 19,2011

        Instructions for Installation
        1.When fixing the mineral fiber ceiling panels, please obey the design construction of the products.
        Please be assured that the firmness and the planes of joint.
        The environment of installing or using should provide a relative humidity of not more than 80%.
        You should firstly complete all the wet projects inside, and then start to set up the MFC.
        Generally speaking, if you need load-bearing tiles, use heavy T-grid please, further more, you’d better separately design and fix the big lamps or other heavy objects.
        Put on clean gloves when working, so as to keep the panels clean and tidy.
        Pay attention to ventilate the room and close the doors or windows when raining.

        Transportation and Storage
        1.Clean up the vehicles before loading, especially avoid water, oil, solid objects and other dirty things. Handle care in unloading, do not pile upright.
        It mustn’t suffer dampness or rain in transportation or storage.
        Put steel angle beads between the package and lash rope, to avoid damage of the products.
        Set wooden pallets not lower than 15cm under them, and away from the wall not less than 40cm.
        Pay attention to the warning symbol on package in transportation or storage.

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