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        Construction of mosques: Senators grill ICT, CDA officials over violation of rules

        Fecha:Nov 2,2012

        “By doing so, is the government legalising sectarian divide that is leading to chaos and anarchy?” questioned Senator Pervaiz Rashid.

        Replying to his question, the Islamabad Deputy Commissioner (DC) Amir Ali Ahmed said that the total number of mosques in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) is 800, while only 89 mosque are under the control of the ICT Auqaf Department. Out of these 89 mosques, 40 are controlled by the Barelvi school of thought, 44 by Deobandi, three by Ahle-Hadith and two by Shias.

        The senator inquired about the management of mosques which are not under the control of the Auqaf Department, to which the DC said they are being run by area residents with the help of charity organisations and local committees.

        When The Express Tribune contacted the DC for details on sectarian division of mosques, he said the process has been pursued since long and the land for mosques is allocated as per requests of residents of an area. “People approach the CDA and the administration has nothing to do with it,” he explained.

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