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        Technical Specification for Decorative Gypsum

        Fecha:Mar 30,2011

        Diamond Cornices:-

        Mouldings and Accessories are made with finest quality Gypsum Powder and reinforced with Glass Fibre.
        The product is ready to use. Quality, Finish and Size have Zero tolerance


        Cornices, Mouldings & Accessories

        Surface Preparation:

        The surface needs to be flat, clean and dry from grease, oil or other impurities. To remove old plain or loose plaster, lightly sand and wipe off dirt from the surface. Draw a line on the surface either wall or ceiling as per the size or angle depending on the item. The same is specified in the product catalogue.


        Use a handsaw for cutting cornices & mouldings. Use of miter box is recommended for cornices.


        The product can be fixed on the walls or ceiling using BRANDTM adhesive or screws. For application with adhesive, make a paste by adding clean water to adhesive powder (ratio : 0.75 ltr. of water to 1 kg adhesive powder). Apply the paste on the back edges of cornices or the flat surface of mouldings & accessories. Maintain a thickness of 6mm of paste on the product. Press softly on the surface, hold for 3 to 5 minutes. Wipe the excess paste from the surface and product.

        For fixing with screws follow the same instructions as above for surface or marking etc. Hold the product in place, using a hand drill make holes through the product into the surface. Fill the surface holes with suitable fasteners. Using steel screws, fix the product in place. Gaps, joints or screw heads to be filled with adhesive paste.

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