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        Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

        Fecha:Jul 16,2011

        Mineral Fiber tiles are made from mineral wool - blast-furnace slag that's been reheated and blown into wool or spun into filaments. The process produces a highly durable, fire-rated material.
        Tiles are made within tolerances that allow them to be installed in all standard grid systems.

        Complying with the European Regulation, mineral fiber tiles are available in a large variety of styles to suit any decor and perform well in both stopping sound transmission and being sound absorbent.
        Their surface is either fissured or perforated to absorb sound.
        Mineral fiber ceiling tiles are still the most popular system used in :

        • Residential buildings
        • Office buildings
        • Schools
        • Hotels
        • Hospitals
        • Food preparation areas
        • Commercial building
        • Industrial spaces

        For installation in areas with high hygienic requirements (e.g in hospitals and clinics , laboratories, food preparation areas) panels with anti-microbial treatment for built in protection against bacteria and fungi with high humidity resistant are available.


        • Light weight ceiling system
        • High acoustic properties
        • Fire resistant
        • Easy to trim and install
        • Easily cleaned

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