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        Acoustic Mineral Ceiling Fiber Board

        Fecha:Jul 18,2011

          "JINHUAN" Mineral Fiber Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Board is a high-grade interior decorative material with the slag fiber as the main raw material. It has undergone the process of burdening, forming, drying, cutting, surface finishing and spray coating after being added with additive.
          As the high-grade interior decorative material for suspended ceilings, the product is applied to elegant interior design of high-class buildings such as hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums, office buildings, shopping malls, studios, computer rooms, airports, stations, hospitals and home decoration.
          With fine acoustic performance, mineral fiber decorative acoustic board can effectively control and adjust the time of indoor mixed sound, noticeably improve sound quality and reduce noise.
        In addition, our products, with excellent incombustibility, can satisfy every requirement on fire safety in all kinds of buildings.
          The boards are provided in different specifications and patterns, thus delivering decorative dffects with diversified artistic styles. They also have different suspension nodes that help bring out the full functions in these suspension materials.

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