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        Former constrution boss

        Fecha:Oct 22,2012

        After making big headlines at the Charbonneau Commission during the past three weeks, it seems Lino Zambito wasn’t quite ready to step out of the spotlight.

        On Sunday night, the former construction entrepreneur was the star guest on popular French talk show Tout le monde en parle, and took the opportunity to reaffirm that despite the gloomy picture he painted of corruption and collusion in Quebec’s construction industry, most public servants in the province are “honest people.”

        “I would say that around 80 per cent of (public officials) don’t know what’s happening,” he told show host Guy A. Lepage.

        Zambito, who benefited from immunity from prosecution based on what he said on the stand at the Charbonneau Commission, had no such protection on the Radio-Canada program, and was careful not to repeat anything that might incriminate him.

        “When you’re called to the Charbonneau Commission, you take an oath,” he said when asked why he had named so many names, including those of several former top bureaucrats at Montreal city hall. “You’re under obligation to tell the truth to the best of your knowledge. I think that’s what I did.”

        The star witness maintained that he does not feel any threat to his personal safety, or the safety of his family, as a result of his testimony before the inquiry. At this stage, he confirmed, he no longer has the benefit of police protection.

        The interview with Zambito was a major coup for Radio-Canada, and the network was likely hoping for a big ratings boost for what would be the 200th episode of Tout le monde en parle.

        One of the big unanswered questions hanging in the air as Zambito sat down was whether he got anything in return for his co-operation with the commission — such as a plea deal that might affect the criminal charges he is facing in connection with his alleged influencing of municipal officials in Boisbriand. Lepage did eventually get around to asking that question, and Zambito’s answer was a resounding “no.”

        “I did not do a deal with anyone,” he said. “I did not do a deal with the Crown. I did not do a deal with the Sureté du Québec.”

        Zambito wrapped up the interview by boldly challenging anyone who refutes what he said before the commission to testify in front of Justice France Charbonneau themselves, under oath.


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