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        Local repairs and maintenance company commits to electronics reuse and recycle scheme

        Fecha:Jan 5,2013

        Local repairs and maintenance company Kier North Tyneside has committed to helping the environment and the community by working with Acorn Community Reuse and Recycling Community Interest Company. This partnership will enable unwanted electrical goods and furniture that have been left in empty properties to be saved from landfill and be reused instead.

        Kier, which carries out works to 16,000 properties in North Tyneside on behalf on North Tyneside Council, recovered a total of 65 items left in empty homes in the past month alone. Previously, these items would have been returned to the waste segregation area at the Kier depot in Killingworth where they would have been disposed of. Now, 16 of these were recycled, 24 were taken for disposal under WEEE* legislation and the remaining 25 were repaired, cleaned and reused. Items including fridge freezers, cookers and DVD players were donated to community organisations, used within Acorn or sold at a low cost to low-income families and individuals.

        Kier regional director for maintenance, Mike Furze, said: “There is an ever-increasing demand on all of us to be more environmentally aware, and businesses must be more environmentally sensitive with the services they offer. By working with Acorn to recycle these unwanted items we are helping the community of North Tyneside, while also helping to reduce the environmental impact of our work. By working with Acorn for the foreseeable future Kier is committed to improving performance across all aspects of corporate responsibility and we believe we have the capacity to make a positive difference to people’s lives and environments.”

        Oliver Kidd, business development manager at Acorn, commented: “It is fantastic that we have been able to work with Kier on something so beneficial to the environment and the people of the area. Acorn already does many things to support the local community, by donating IT equipment, providing technical assistance, offering work placements and providing other forms of help to individuals and organisations that need it. With Christmas just around the corner we are pleased to be able to assist those families who may have had to go without the items we sometimes take for granted.”

        A representative from East End Youth and Community Centre, which has benefitted from the scheme, said: “With the donation of recycled IT equipment and maintenance support from Acorn Community Reuse and Recycling we can now offer access to the internet for homework research, job searches and training to the children, young people and the local community using the Centre."

        Kier North Tyneside is committed to ensuring its environmental impact is minimised and reaches every part of the business, extending into the supply chain and touching the communities in which it works. In the past it has been involved in projects to use recycled paints on home improvement schemes and recycle rainwater on construction sites.

        *WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment. It covers a wide range of products that rely on electricity to function. Government legislation requires that these items should be properly disposed of at the end of their useful life.

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