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        Fecha:Sep 26,2012

        Ties between well-known construction entrepreneurs and the highest figures in the Italian Mafia have been laid out before Quebec’s corruption inquiry, where, after months of anticipation, the witnesses are starting to name names.

        Construction bosses were seen bringing cash either to the acting leader of the Rizzuto family – Nicolo Rizzuto Sr., who was murdered in 2010 – or to his consigliere, who disappeared two years ago, the inquiry heard Tuesday.

        These transfers were made at a notorious Montreal Mafia hangout while authorities quietly observed during a police surveillance operation several years ago, an RCMP officer testified.

        Corporal Vinicio Sebastiano made only a brief reference to monetary transfers during Tuesday’s testimony and did not point the finger at any specific company bosses. But he did name a number of construction figures seen frequenting the hangout.

        Rattling off the names of a half-dozen construction bosses in the Montreal area, he said they were often recorded showing up at the now-closed Cosenza Social Club, which was patronized by numerous Mob types and not popular with the general public.

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