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        Israel to allow construction supplies into Gaza

        Fecha:Dec 27,2012

        Israel will relax its restrictions on the import of construction materials into the Gaza Strip as part of the Egypt-brokered ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas that ended Operation Pillar Defense, a Palestinian official said on Wednesday.

        The new policy means private companies and individuals will be able to import construction materials, which, under the terms of Israel’s restrictions on the Hamas-controlled enclave, were previously restricted to international aid organizations.

        “From Sunday, up to 20 trucks will bring in gravel for the commercial sector daily, except on Friday and Saturday… through the Kerem Shalom crossing in south-east Gaza,” Gaza crossing official Raed Fattouh told AFP.

        “This is the first time Israel will allow the import of gravel for the private sector since the blockade began in mid-2007,” Fattuh said, adding that Israel had promised to undertake further measures to alleviate the difficult economic situation in the coastal territory.

        A Israeli Defense Ministry spokesman confirmed the policy.

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