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        Quebec construction tycoons caught on tape meeting Mob

        Fecha:Sep 27,2012

        First came names and today a Quebec corruption inquiry watched video of construction bosses handing over cash to Mafia chieftains at a notorious Sicilian Mafia hangout in Montreal.

        A few of the construction magnates head up companies that have received, between them, hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts from municipal governments.

        A Montreal police detective showed surveillance video of the entrepreneurs meeting with high-ranking members of the Rizzuto clan and exchanging and counting cash — all at the former Consenza Social Club in Montreal.

        Some of the video shows the late Nicolo Rizzuto, the onetime don of Canada's most powerful crime family, stuffing cash into his socks.

        Another video shows a Christmas party attended by most of the Rizzuto clan's top figures as well as at least four construction-industry bigwigs. The businessmen shake hands with and cheek-kiss the Mob bosses, converse with them, and in some cases duck into to a back room to exchange wads of cash.

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