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        Mineral Fiber Board for USG

        Fecha:Jul 15,2011

        Uncover the Possibilities! As a substrate or core, MICORE® Mineral Fiber Board from USG complements your design with quality and superior performance. MICORE features superior performance qualities to other competing materials, such as particle board. The MICORE family of products features excellent properties in dimensional stability, machinability and tackability, and is versatile enough to laminate easily to a variety of finish materials. These products have proven extremely popular in today’s modern workplace, dominated by open-space designs requiring panels with excellent sound-deadening capability. MICORE is commonly used in schools, as well as in a wide variety of institutional, commercial and industrial buildings and can assist in obtaining LEED credits established by the USGBC.

        Common uses for MICORE Mineral Fiber Board:
        • Partitions
        • Office Dividers
        • Wall Panels
        • Baffles
        • Tackboards
        • Chalkboards
        • Stoveboards
        • Sound Control - Theater Insulation
        • Roofing


        Features and Benefits:
        • Sustainability and LEED Credits (download pdf - MICORE page 2):
          - Manufacturing plant - Cloquet, MN (all materials local).
          - Minimum 48% recycled materials (post consumer = 18% / pre-consumer = 30%
          - 11% rapid renewable content
          - Embodied energy - 3.4kWh/SF
        • Collaborative for High Performance Schools (C.H.P.S.) Certified: Meets low-emitting materials requirements for classrooms, Section 01350
        • Low Emissions: Provides very low VOC emissions, per ASTM D5116-97
        • Flame spread ratings developed per ASTM E84. UL classified.
        • Dimensional Stability: Inorganic mineral fibers resist moisture to minimize expansion and warpage.
        • Superior Machinability: Cuts quickly and easily to size and shape specifications using standard equipment.
        • Exceptional Tackability: Accepts tacks with excellent hold down ability.
        • Ideal Versatility: Laminates easily to a variety of finish materials. Readily accepts water- or solvent-based adhesives.
        Standard Sizes:
        - 4x8, 4x10, 4x12 - Common Thickness ranges from 3/8" to 3/4"

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