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        Construction sites and workers penalised

        Fecha:Oct 15,2012

        In two days, regional employment and labour officials in Samdrupjongkhar slapped four construction sites a fine of Nu 9,000 each for not adopting safety culture at workplaces, and 12 non Bhutanese workers Nu 500 each for not using personal protective equipment while working.

        Following the September 10 circular from the labour ministry, which came into effect on October 1, the regional labour officials inspected various construction sites in Samdrupjongkhar on October 3 and 11.  During the inspection, 12 construction workers at three sites were found working without using protective gear, while employers of four other construction sites had not issued any such gears to their workers.

        Labour officials said the penalties were imposed, according to the Labour and Employment Act 2007, and the regulation on occupational health, safety and welfare on personal protective equipment.

        “This fine is for the first instance and, for the second time, employers would be fined Nu 36,000 and workers, Nu 1,000,” Samdrupjongkhar’s regional employment and labour director, Sonam Bumthap, said.

        For the third instance, employers will not be allowed to employ foreign workers, he said.

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