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        Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board

        Fecha:Mar 16,2011
        Mineral Wool Acoustic Decorative Board is the advanced decorative material which has the features of Decoration, Sound absorption, Fireproof, Preventing cold and hot, Energy-saving and Insulation.And we ara a large factory of mineral fiber board.OEM work is accepted. Products packing: Standard paper carton (if need,packing according to customer's request) Main features: To decorate roof with a characteristic of inflaming retarding,damp-proof, sound absorption and prettify room. Installation: Match with Ceiling T-bar. Special color and design can be produced according to customer's request. Products main parameter: 1) Material: Wet-formed mineral fiber 2) Product Content: Mineral Fiber 3) Surface coating: hot solidification type emulsion paint of 4) NRC: 0.50* 5) CAC: minimum 30** 6) Water content: <=3 7) Light Reflectivity: Minimum LR 0.80* 8) Insulation Value: Average R Factor(at 750F, 24) is 1.31(BTU units),0.23(Watts units) 9) Fire Performance: Meets GB8624-1997B1 Standards 10) Mold resistance 11) Fiber content: >=90% 12) Thermal conductivity: <= 0.065W/mK 13) Sound absorption: EN20140-1994 14) NON-Asbestos 15) NON-Formaldehyde 16) WEIGHT:260-450kg/m3 17) Standard Thickness:6.5MM, 6.8MM,7MM,8MM,9MM,10MM,11MM,12MM,14MM,15MM 18) Standard Dimensions:595*595MM,600*600MM,603*603MM,605*605MM,595*1200MM,603*1210MM 19)Edge detail: square, tegular, concealed and shiplap

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