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        Micore Mineral Fiber Board

        Fecha:Apr 12,2011
        1.Description: Used as a substrate or core, Micore brand 160 mineral fiber board from USG improves the quality and performance of your design in various applications, such as open-plan partitions, office screens, dividers and tackboards. The board combines lightweight properties with the strength and stability of heavier boards. 2.Advantages: Micore 160 mineral fiber board is nearly 50% lighter than particle board, which allows for easier handling and lower freight rates. It also outperforms gypsum panels in workability—the inorganic mineral fibers resist moisture, minimizing expansion and warpage. And the board cuts quickly and easily to size and shape specifications using standard equipment while adapting readily to last-minute design changes. What’s more, Micore 160 mineral fiber board outperforms particle board and other wood fiber boards for flame spread and sound absorption. 3.Sizes Thickness 3/8 (.375) 1/2 (.500) 5/8 (.625) 3/4 (.750) Tolerances Thickness 0.015 sanded and coated 1/16 (.0625) Width and length (per 4 ft.) Physical Surface Burning Characteristics Flame spread 1 25 Properties Smoke developed 1 10 Density (pcf) 182 lbs./cu. foot Weight 500-1,250 lbs./MSF Modulus of Rupture2 275 lbs./sq. inch Modulus of Elasticity2 21,000 lbs./sq. inch Tensile Strength (Parallel to Surface)2 125 lbs./sq. inch Hardness (Janka Ball)2 35 lbs. Hygrometric Expansion (50% to 90% R.H.) .25% k Factor .39 Thermal Conductivity2 R Value (1/2 board) 1.27 1. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Classified as to surface burning characteristics (File No. R-11588). 2. Values shown are production averages. Acoustical Thickness STC Rating NRC Performance 3 3/8 22 — 1/2 24 .30 - .40 5/8 26 .30 - .40 3/4 26 .50 - .60 . Based on perforated product only. Published STC and NRC values are based on laboratory tests. Actual field acoustical 3 performancemay differ depending on acoustical performance of all other products and systems used with the Micore panels as installed.

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