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        Metallic embossing composite insulation panel

        Fecha:Aug 4,2011

        Metallic embossing composite insulation panel is a composite material integrating the external metallic embossing panel and insulation material(or cast foaming material). The external metallic board adopts aluminium alloy panel, aluminium/zinc coated panel and be painted with various special coating or rolled to different patterns or be furnished via secondary painting to achieve various colors such as wooden pattern, overlapped stone, fine stone, grave, brick, ect, which can meet the architecture modeling requirement and appearance demand for color, and provide artistic effect to some extent. The insulation material adopts XPS, PUPIR, Phenolic Foamed Plastics, ect.

        After embossing, the metallic panel has high capacity of resisting bending and expansion on heating and construction on cooling. There are outstanding connection between panels and structure , which not only satisfied the equipment demand but also avoided the loose and cracking effectively. Free of cold(hot) bridge, at the same time it is of simple and convenient construction, free of the limitation of season.

        This panel is applicable for external wall insulation and decoration for exterior wall of civil and industrial architecture in extremely cold, cold regions or regions where the summer is hot and winter is warm, and also applicable for the energy saving renovation of the existing building, which is called "dry hang colored metallic embossing insulation wall"

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