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        Architecture Firm Gets Green Buildings Growing

        Fecha:Feb 27,2013

        San Francisco-based Perkins+Will has recently completed construction of the first award-winning, modular Sprout Space classroom.

        As schools are turning more and more to modular buildings for students (more than 7.5 million students are being taught in temporary classrooms, according to Perkins + Will), the architecture firm decided to enhance the space in order to eliminate energy and construction costs, while creating a healthier learning environment.

        The Sprout Space is an affordable modular classroom that meets students’ needs for 21st century learning. The design was first noticed during the Open Architecture Challenge, where it placed first in the modular category.

        The building is designed to have a functional classroom inside and encourages various teaching styles and room arrangements. Flexibility is a key function of the space, as it consists of outdoor teaching walls to better engage students.

        Instead of looking at the modular building as a temporary structure — the Sprout Space can be implemented as a permanent structure. Chattahoochee Hills Charter School (CHCS), near Atlanta, is composed entirely of Sprout Space classrooms.

        “Designing a sustainable future is our passion at Perkins+Will, and we offer the Sprout Space classroom as an example to the world of a more responsible modular classroom,” said Phil Harrison, president and chief executive officer of Perkins+Will. “The development and launch of Sprout Space is another milestone for us as we continue to be a global leader in green building innovation and at the forefront of both K-12 and higher education classroom design.”

        Sprout Space offers sun shades, integrated rainwater collection, photovoltaic roof panels, LED lighting coupled with lighting controls, and efficient heating and cooling systems. The goal of Sprout Space is for it to eventually be an energy independent classroom.

        The first Sprout Space was built in the U.S. with distributor Triumph Modular and building Mark Line Industries. It is the first high-performance modular classroom on the market and is available nationwide.

        In case your school doesn’t have Sprout Space classrooms yet, you can always go visit them on display on the lawn of the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., starting March 3 and staying until the end of the year. The Sprout Space is sure to become a major attraction in the museum’s Green Schools exhibit.

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